Welcome to Carrier Turf Sweden AB.
Swedish manufactured aerator/roller for golf and sports fields!

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BRAND NEW CRT 425, the world’s largest aerator / roller!!

Carrier Turf stands for quality, performance and efficiency. This is achieved with the unique patented solution that Carrier Turf have. Each knife arm can flex up to 10 cm. Filling the black roller with water for more weight and the easy and 100% secure way to set the working depth, to a maximum of 15 cm.

Without air, no life! Carrier Turf is a knife aerator/roller focuses on the management of all types of open spaces such as sport fields, race tracks and golf courses. Our machines are designed to be effective and versatile in order to provide our customers with maximum freedom in planning their management actions. In Order to create good conditions for a healthy and vigorous turf needs air.

 Carrier Turf is the machine that gets the job done…